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    • We are a screws manufacturer and exporter, have exported our products to Japan, Thailand, America, Egypt and Europe since 1994.*|RN|**|RN|* *|RN|*Our major clients are SHARP ( Japan and USA ), SANYO ( Mexico ), Atlantic ( Egypt ), Renault ( France ), VOLVO、BENZ、BOSCH ( Sweden). *|RN|* *|RN|*Our company’s mottos are rapid communication, industrial expertise and professional know-how. *|RN|* *|RN|*With our industrial expertise and experience, we can help our customers to determine the fastener requirements, ensure the product quality throughout the manufacturing process, and guarantee on time delivery.*|RN|* *|RN|*Our services include developing, manufacturing, purchasing, marketing and handling a broad range of fasteners. *|RN|* *|RN|*The products range from screws, forming parts, washer, rivets, turning parts and many other fasteners parts. In practice, we aim to provide different products depending on customer requirements.*|RN|*